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State Sen. Anthony Bucco Calls for Front Office Business Advocate

While State Sen. Anthony M. Bucco commended Gov. Phil Murphy’s focus on protecting the lives and health of New Jerseyans, the state senator believes more can be done to help the state’s businesses weather the storm.

Bucco called on the Murphy Administration to establish a position in the governor’s office with quick decision-making authority to implement ideas and programs to help businesses in the state.

Bucco suggested Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver as a potential candidate for the program.

Business Focus

The state senator noted the appointment of the lieutenant governor to the position would free Gov. Murphy to focus entirely on the health, safety, and welfare of New Jersey’s citizens. At the same time, it would provide the same focus necessary to ensure the survival of businesses in the state.

Bucco noted within the past two weeks, he had heard of businesses getting stuck in a process determining whether they were essential or nonessential businesses under New Jersey law.

He cited breweries, automotive retailers and real estate agents as those who were able to return to work on a restricted basis.

‘Common-sense Relief’

“I am sure that there are other businesses out there that could use additional common-sense relief,” said Bucco. “We should think through an exemption or waiver process similar to what has been implemented in states like Pennsylvania that may serve a societal need to continue safe operations.”

He argued establishing such a process under the leadership of the lieutenant governor would allow for quicker action on business classification issues and more.

Additionally, he stated the more people safely returning to work when it does not compromise public health, the better the state’s economic future would be when the pandemic subsided.

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