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Oroho, Rooney: More Businesses Ready to Open With COVID-19 Modifications

Two North Jersey lawmakers wants officials to further lift business restrictions across the state.

State Sen. Steve Oroho (R-24) is calling for the Murphy Administration to expedite the reopening of the state’s economy by reviewing detailed business reopening plans submitted to the governor’s office by business coalitions and individual industry groups that incorporate accepted social distancing practices.

“Business and industry have put responsible plans together that will enable them to resume operations while respecting safety protocols,” said Oroho in a press statement. “We shouldn’t need governmental committees…to come up with additional plans that will likely reach similar conclusions.”

Businesses Jeopardize

“We are at such a critical time where many businesses are seriously in jeopardy of not even being able to reopen, and more delay will certainly be the death knell to so many,” proclaimed Oroho.

Starting on May 18, retail stores can offer limited service and construction sites can resume activity. For non-essential retail stores, small businesses will be able to open for curbside pickup only following social distancing protocol.

For construction, the order mandates sites to clearly post safety protocols, workers must wear face coverings, nonessential visitors are not allowed, work hours will be staggered, break times will be limited, and proper sanitation required.

Additionally, Gov. Phil Murphy clarified rules on gatherings of people in cars. For those following social distancing guidelines, drivers and their passengers can now attend drive-in movies, religious services and drive-through farms and safaris while remaining in their cars. The order went into effect May 13.  

Curves Flattened

Sen. Oroho believes New Jersey has reached the point where curves for key COVID-19 data enables the state to reopen at a quicker pace.

“We see news reports (showing) state revenue is in a precipitous decline because we essentially shut down our economy,” said Oroho. “I’m increasingly concerned that we’re not giving equal weight to our economic health.”

Reopening Plans Set

The state Senator noted business reopening plans shared with him follow guidelines allowing for the safety of their employees and customers.

“When formulating these business reopening plans, industry was very cognizant that to be successful they need to gain the trust of their customers and employees so they were very careful to craft plans that meet health and safety guidelines,” continued Oroho. 

“The government should act now by putting its trust in them, and by doing so, we’d also be putting trust in our own economic revitalization.”

Equestrian Businesses

In a Facebook posting, Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney advocated for the opening of private equestrian businesses after being informed the governor’s executive order stands and prohibits all equestrian businesses to remain closed.

“Private equestrian business owners and trainers have raised valid concerns as to why county equestrian centers can open and they can’t,” wrote Rooney. “New Jersey shuttered businesses have the ability to open in a safe manner while respecting…social distancing guidelines. Many New Jerseyan’s have not received a paycheck in over two months, our residents are proud, hardworking and understand what is needed to operate their businesses.”

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