Rep. Bill Pascrell Undergoes Successful Heart Surgery

Rep. Bill Pascrell had heart surgery on July 5, his office announced.

Pascrell’s office released a statement on July 6 stating “We are grateful to report that Congressman Pascrell underwent a successful heart procedure Sunday to correct arterial blockages.” 

The office said upon returning to New Jersey from Washington last week, the 83-year-old Pascrell went to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in Paterson after experiencing indigestion and heartburn. During routine evaluations, doctors discovered blockages in arteries on July 4 which were bypassed in a surgical procedure at St. Joseph’s the next day. 

Speedy Recovery Expected

“Rep. Pascrell’s doctors expect the Congressman to make a complete recovery from his surgical procedure. (He) is feeling better and is eager to get back to work,” said the press statement.

Dr. Mark W. Connolly, Chairman, Department of Surgery at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, who performed the surgery, said the procedure should allow the Congressman to get back to his active lifestyle. 

“While recovery varies from patient to patient, because of the congressman’s strength and normal heart function, I am confident that he will have a speedy recovery and be back serving the people of New Jersey within days,” Dr. Connolly was quoted in the press statement. 

COVID-19 Free

Additionally, the 12-term congressman tested negative for COVID-19 and encouraged others to get tested if they are showing symptoms.

“Congressman Pascrell wants his experience to be a lesson that during this pandemic everyone should be attuned to their whole health and not be afraid to contact their physician for non-COVID symptoms of concern,” said the press statement.

The news comes a day before primaries are to be held in New Jersey. Pascrell is vying for the Democratic nomination in the 9th Congressional district, facing off against two primary challengers on July 7, Tenafly resident Zina Spezakis and Alp Basaran of Fort Lee. On the Republicans side, voters are choosing between Ramsey resident Timothy Walsh and Paterson native Billy Prempeh .


  1. God be with you Representative Pascrell. You are a good Representative and human being. Good luck.

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