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OPINION: Leadership on Masks A Must for Candidates Leading Up to Election Day

With one convention done and another coming up this week, we have reached the point where candidates, their positions and their campaigns begin to be scrutinized more closely.

Which brings us to this question: Where is Frank Pallotta’s mask when he is interacting with voters?

Let’s make this point clear: We have pushed for universal masking from the Democratic governor of the Garden State. So this is a question of public health policy more than politics. 

Pallotta, running to replace Rep. Josh Gottheimer, wants to represent an area where the coronavirus has killed over 3,200 and infected 42,000 residents in the four counties that make up the 5th Congressional District since March.

In our story looking at how the candidates in the 5th and 11th congressional districts are connecting with voters, Pallotta’s Facebook page jumped out with numerous photos, even in the last week, where the state’s orders to wear a mask in public when social distancing was not possible was blatantly being disregarded. 

The campaign said it is ensuring events are in compliance with the rules outlined by the state that encourages face coverings and social distancing. But pictures tell a different story.

Pallotta, on this issue, appears to be going down a similar path as President Donald Trump. We are concerned because how many outbreaks were there after the President’s rally in Tulsa? His July 4th campaign stop at Mt. Rushmore?

To look at pictures from those at a Trump rally and a Pallotta gathering, a voter would be hard pressed to find a difference. 

State Sen. Joe Pennacchio (R-26), left, who serves as Co-Chair of President Donald J. Trump’s
New Jersey Re-Election Campaign, with GOP Candidate Frank Pallotta in July.

We fully support candidates getting out to hear what voters want—we think the door-to-door campaign strategy of Rosemary Becchi leaving literature with a QR code allowing voters to scan a code to get involved in with her campaign is really smart.

Informed voters not only make a decision on issues but the character of the person and decisions he makes. A campaign, in the end, comes down to a trust factor that you will believe that the person representing you will make decisions to make our country smarter and safer.

Leadership on the issue of how the coronavirus was and continues to be handled is the defining issue for the Nov. 3 election.

It is irresponsible for a candidate at this time to be on the campaign trail without a mask. For Frank Pallotta—and the President of the United States as well—they must lead by example when it comes to wearing a face mask while campaigning this fall. 


  1. What an assinine article from s political hack. Your opinion means nothing. Get snothet job cause you suck at this onr. Vote Frank Pallotta and get the libersl lier Gottemheimer out of office.

  2. Frank lives in my neighborhood and if I catch him without a mask..I’ll walk across the street. Heartless idiot. Bury anybody you know in the 5th district Frank?

  3. wearing masks is a false sense of security have you noticed that people are still getting covid even tho they wear masks all the time? I suggest you start swabbing in side those masks that are wet from humidity and people sneezing in them before you tout how great it is

  4. Protection is not a guarantee. It IS the best available practice. Doing NOTHING because there is not a perfect simple solution is CHILDISH, SHORTSIGHTED and SELFISH. Public Health and Safety can not be deal with cavalierly. Those who believe their opinion is stronger than science or fact should not attempt to lead adults.

  5. I realize this is a low-brow, opinion hit piece, so I take this at face value of an uninformed writer, who has not done his homework. There is quite a bit of confusion in wearing masks. Psychologically, it makes us feel protected and the alleviation of that fear speaks to our common sense values. However, is wearing a mask going to really protect you? From the Washington Examiner is this article that speaks straight from the CDC that puts wearing masks in doubt:

    In balance to all other infectious diseases, accidents or just walking out the door to go to work has inherent risks that we all take each day. The data should always inform our opinions. NY and NJ were #1 and #2 in total deaths, due mostly to bad policies from blue state governors that enabled the infection to spread in nursing homes. As tragic as that is, those are the facts. I suspect, NJ is in it’s own downward spin cycle of fear mongering to drive compliance without facts. That alone is crushing our families and businesses across the state.

    The right balance in my mind is for mask wearing to be voluntary – allow the people in the great state of NJ to determine for themselves. I’m totally fine with Frank not wearing a mask at events, but I always bring my mask with me to ensure everyone else around me is comfortable just in case.

    1. Frank said at a recent townhall event (late September, early October) that he is going to outlaw mask wearing as his first order of business in congress – that is daring – Can someone confirm – thanks.

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