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GOP Continues to Push Gov. Phil Murphy on In-Person Voting Ban

Republicans across the state pressed Gov. Phil Murphy on his decision to pivot to only voting by mail in the Garden State, arguing there was no reason to ban in-person voting for those who wished to.

Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce (R-26) was one of the leading voices arguing against denying residents in the state the ability to vote in person, arguing it was nonsensical to allow lines at Motor Vehicle Commission but not at polling places.

“I along with my collogues have introduced a viable option to institute early voting to take pressure off of the polls on election day while allowing voters to cast their ballot in a voting booth,” she said.

Against the Switch to Mail-In Voting

DeCroce denounced the Aug. 14 decision made by Gov. Murphy to conduct the vote primarily via mail-in ballots. On Aug. 27, the Legislature affirmed the decision, despite moves by New Jersey’s GOP to utilize an early voting proposal.

Under the program, every registered voter with receive a blallot with prepaid postage in the mail. The items simply need to be returned via mail or brought to a polling location on Election Day.

Despite her opposition to the plan, DeCroce noted the importance of citizens’ responsibility regarding the election. “Whether vote-by-mail or in-person I strongly encourage each and every New Jerseyan to cast their ballot this November,” concluded DeCroce.

Aligned with O’Scanlon and DiMaso

DeCroce was not alone in denouncing Murphy’s plan, with State Sen. Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (R-13) calling upon the Murphy to allow in-person voting for New Jersey residents, provided they submit their sealed mail-in ballot to poll workers.

“The administration claims that residents can still vote in person should they wish, but they must vote by provisional ballot since there is no way to ensure that a resident has not already submitted their mail-in ballot,” said O’Scanlon. “That is rendered false should a voter present their sealed, mail-in ballot at the polls on election day.”

“We’ve been vocal about the fact that we very strongly believe in-person voting can safely be conducted but we’re at the point where it is clear the Governor and majority are not going to allow that to happen,” said Dimaso.


  1. I am a Democrat but would like an in-person option. However, I’ll go with the governor if he thinks mail-or-drop-only is the best way to get everyone participating and every vote honestly counted. Once again, NJ shows the way!

  2. I think there is going to be a shortage of poll workers for the Nov 3 elections in NJ. Polls workers have traditionally been seniors and many are reticent to serve where they will be in close contact with voters. The signature book and pens are possible sources of transmission. Unlike the supermarket or the Motor Vehicle Offices, the voting machines would have to be disinfected after each voter.

    I understand there will be at least one machine in each town for disabled voters who may need someone to push the buttons on the machine. The law says that those disabled people must be accompanied into the voting booth by two poll workers of opposing political parties to avoid any fraud. For safety purposes, I would suggest that the machine be located in a corner affording anonymity and that the curtain not be used so that the three people (two poll workers and the disabled person) can maintain social distancing while still protecting the rights of the voter.

  3. Considering the enthusiasm for voting in our town, I foresee no problem in staffing stripped-down-sized polling.

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