North-JerseyNews.Com Sept. 19 Campaign Notebook

As we get closer to the Nov. 3 general election, will post a weekly notebook of actions of the candidates.


A set of New York Times Upshot/Siena College polls on Sept. 13 had Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump in Minnesota, 50% to 41%, and more narrowly ahead in Wisconsin, 48% to 43%. The polls show closer races in two more states: Nevada, where the results showed Biden at 46% and Trump at 42%, and New Hampshire, where Biden had 45% to Trump’s 42%t. New York Times

President Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has imperiled both his own re-election and his party’s majority in the Senate, and Republican lawmakers in crucial states like Arizona, North Carolina and Maine have fallen behind their Democratic challengers amid broad disapproval of the president.

Joe Biden leads President Trump by wide margins in Arizona, where he was ahead by nine percentage points, and Maine, where he led by 17 points. The race was effectively tied in North Carolina, with Biden ahead by one point, 45% to 44%.

In all three states, Democratic Senate candidates were leading Republican incumbents by five percentage points or more. The New York Times

The Monmouth University Polling Institute released Sept. 15 shows Joe Biden holding a 3 to 5 point lead over Donald Trump in Florida, depending on a range of likely voter models. Biden has a large lead among Latino voters, but also suggests there are some possible signs of strength for Trump among older voters in this group. However, Biden has a sizable advantage in solidly Democratic areas of the state as well as more competitive counties. Trump holds a smaller than usual lead for a Republican incumbent among the large veteran vote contingent. Among all registered voters in Florida, the race for president stands at 50% for Biden and 45% for Trump. Monmouth University Poll

Joe Biden leads Donald Trump among registered voters in Arizona, but the margin narrows under different turnout models. The Monmouth University Poll finds the Democrat with a large advantage among Latino voters and a small edge in all-important Maricopa County. In the race for U.S. Senate, Democrat and New Jersey native Mark Kelly maintains his lead over incumbent Martha McSally

Among all registered voters in Arizona, the race for president stands at 48% for Biden and 44% for Trump. The contest stood at a similar 46% to 43% in a poll taken shortly before the state’s presidential primary in March. Under a likely voter scenario with a somewhat higher level of turnout than in 2016, the race narrows to 48% for Biden and 46% for Trump. The race tightens even more to 47% Biden and 47% Trump when using a likely voter model with lower turnout.

In Arizona’s U.S. Senate contest, Kelly leads McSally by 6 points among registered voters (50% to 44%), which is identical to where the race stood in March. Among likely voters, his lead is 4 points in a high turnout scenario (50% to 46%) and one point in a low turnout scenario (49% to 48%). Among independents, Kelly has 60% support to 33% for McSally. Monmouth University Poll

Joe Biden is leaning on New Jersey lawmakers to help his presidential campaign with the Puerto Rican community. The Biden campaign recently released a national outreach email containing statements of support from State Sen. Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D-5) and Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez (D-19).

“Puerto Rico is an integral part of our nation’s history,” said Cruz-Perez. “Puerto Ricans have made notable contributions in the fields of medicine, law, government, science, and military. Since 1899, thousands of Puerto Rican veterans have served courageously as members of our Armed Forces to defend the United States and its founding principles of liberty and justice. When Puerto Rico needed support, the current administration failed to provide the necessary resources that were needed by its American citizens.”

“Joe Biden has a longstanding history of supporting Puerto Rico as both a Senator and Vice-President and I know he will continue this support as the 46th President of the United States of America,” said Lopez. “As Puerto Rico continues its fragile recovery from several natural disasters and financial turmoil, the Puerto Rican people need a leader who will revitalize the Puerto Rican economy creating better jobs and an overall improved quality of life. I gladly join the thousands of Puerto Ricans who will be supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming election and I look forward to seeing the Vice President help Puerto Rico get back on the right track.” NJ Insider


The first TV ad for Rep. Mikie Sherrill’s re-election campaign was launched this week.

The ad underscoring the tough balance families are trying to strike between work, kids, and worrying about their health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Sherrill highlights the work she’s done in Congress to protect access to healthcare. The 30-second ad buy started September 15th.

“We’re all juggling a lot right now. Working, trying to make sure the kids don’t fall behind, worrying about our parents staying healthy. On top of all of that, you shouldn’t worry that you lose your insurance if you get sick, or that you can’t afford the care you need. That’s why I’m fighting to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, and to let Medicare negotiate lower drug prices. We’re all going to work together, and we will get through this,” Congresswoman Sherrill says in the ad. Press Release

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Rosemary Becchi as one of three candidates moved up to “Contender” in the NRCC’s 2020 Young Guns program. The Young Guns program mentors and supports candidates in races across the country and works to provide them with the necessary tools to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

“I’m proud to be included in this group of serious contenders for this election cycle,” Becchi responded to the news. “This is the most important election in the recent history of this Country, and I am proud to be on the ballot as a candidate supporting law and order, a strong economy and the interests of our most vulnerable populations- especially individuals with disabilities.”

The NRCC’s Young Guns program requires candidates to work towards specific goals and meet benchmarks throughout the election cycle to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts.

Rep. Mikie Sherrill was endorsed by the Clean Water Action (CWA) in her re-election bid to serve the 11th Congressional District of New Jersey. Since its inception, the CWA has fought for strong health and environmental protections and supported legislators that share their commitment to clean water and healthy communities.  

“I am proud to receive Clean Water Action’s endorsement again in 2020. Over the past 19 months, I have held 19 town halls, and our residents have made it very clear that we must unite in protecting our environment. During my first term, I held a congressional hearing right here in our community on lead in the drinking water, and have stood up for clean water, clean air, and growing our clean energy economy. I stand with Clean Water Action in working for a better, brighter future for all New Jerseyans,” said Rep. Mikie Sherrill. 

In 2019, Sherrill fought to keep the United States in the Paris Climate Agreement, increase investment in offshore wind, protect Lake Hopatcong from harmful algal blooms, and prevent offshore drilling along the Atlantic Coast. She led the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, landmark legislation to fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Press Release

11th-district House candidate Rosemary Becchi released a bill of rights for residents with disabilities.

The seven-point plan calls for increased mobility for those with disabilities, employment with some accommodations, inclusive education and fewer barriers to health and wellness services, among other things.

“While Washington politicians focus on partisan bickering and putting politics ahead of New Jersey families, our most vulnerable citizens are being left behind during this pandemic, said Becchi. “In Congress, I will always fight for the most vulnerable. That’s why the first piece of legislation I will sponsor is a Bill of Rights for All Individuals with Disabilities.”

U.S. Senate Candidate Rik Mehta claimed the New Jersey’s Office of the Attorney General was attempting to spike his run for U.S. Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) seat by going after the Atilis Gym, which is now being used as a campaign headquarters by a Republican.

In a recently filed brief, Deputy Attorney General Stephen Slocum argued the facility was clearly still operating as a gym but was ignoring 25% indoor capacity limits imposed on such facilities. The state argues its attempt to rebrand as a political facility — there are exceptions for political activities in active virus restrictions — in an attempt to circumvent capacity limits.

“As of the filing of this letter brief, Atilis Gym holds itself out to the public as a gym, offering gym services, on at least five public platforms,” Slocum wrote in the filing. “Again, Atilis Gym’s assertion is simply incredible.”

Mehta claimed the new filing was a bid to hamstring his campaign’s fundraising operation. Gym co-owner Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti have been appointed to the Mehta campaign’s finance committee. “The use of the Attorney General, a Democrat appointee, to enforce a political agenda that stifles Republican fundraising efforts is beyond the pale,” Mehta said.  Law360

Congressional candidate Frank Pallotta sent a letter to District 5 Freeholders in Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren Counties, asking them to pass a formal resolution in support of two wounded Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies shot over the weekend by an assailant. Pallotta’s letter also requests that the Freeholders condemn the actions of protestors who gathered outside the hospital where the two were taken.  Press Release


Laker Sensibility, Republican candidates for the 2020 election for Borough Council for Mountain Lakes, declined an invitation to participate in an upcoming candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Mountain Lakes (LWVML). 

Last year, Laker Republican Club (LRC) sent a blast email to members of the Mountain Lakes community announcing their formation. A response was received from a LWVML Executive Board Member that included accusations of Republicans being racist, misogynist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration, anti-environment, morally corrupt, and unethical. 

According to candidate Jane Hayward on behalf of the Laker Sensibility campaign, Laker Republican Club leadership (which includes current LWVML members and a past League President) contacted LWVML hoping the matter could be addressed. 

“Unfortunately, the matter was never resolved and LWVML did not condemn these biased and intimidating comments from their Executive Board Member,” added Hayward.

North Arlington Democratic challengers for Borough Council John Yampaglia and Tom Bradley launched their bid to unseat Republican incumbents Mario Karcic and Donna Bocchino at the post office located at Ridge Park Drive and Ridge Road. Insider NJ

University Hospital in Newark recently installed voter registration kiosks in a bid to increase civic participation among their patients.

“The kiosk allows both patients and visitors to hospitals to access an electronic portal that walks them through the process and prints out a registration application to send in,” Gov. Phil Murphy said during a press briefing. “University Hospital, by the way, is the first hospital in New Jersey to do this, and I commend University Hospital President Dr. Shereef Elnahal and resident Dr. Robert Adrian for their efforts to bring VotER to New Jersey” 

The kiosks are part of a partnership between the health care facility and VotER, a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to encourage patients to register to vote.

As yet, University Hospital is the only facility in the state to receive, but the organization said other New Jersey health systems were “rapidly mobilizing” more than a dozen additional kiosks. New Jersey Globe


  1. You’re showing your Blue bias when your characterized the President’s handling of the C Virus as mishandled. Try… just for once to present information in a neutral fashion. You could have just said as a result of the President’s handling of the virus which would have left it up to the reader to decide whether or not it was mishandled… but you didn’t. You decided for the reader that the President was guilty. More fake news which is one of the reasons your readership has plumetted.

    1. ADZ, Thank for taking time to read our post and comment. I understand your point. This post is different from other posts as we do not do any direct reporting, more a collection of press releases, news stories and polls that we were unable to get to during the week. The phrase characterization about the handling the coronavirus by President Trump’s was from a poll done by Siena College and The New York Times, not by us. But we published it so I will attempt to do a better job in the future. James Hickey, Editor-in-chief,

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