’s Weekly Campaign Notebook Oct. 24

As we get closer to the Nov. 3 general election, will post a weekly notebook of actions of the candidates.


Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 20 percentage points in New Jersey largely on the strength of his support in the northern part of the state, according to a Stockton University Poll.The poll put Biden ahead of Trump, 56% to 36% among likely voters.

The survey gave U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) has an even larger lead over his Republican opponent, pharmacist and lawyer Rik Mehta: 74% to 21%. 

Biden’s margin was built in the 13 northernmost counties, where he led Trump, 61% to 30%. In the eight other counties — Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem — Biden had just a two-point lead, 47% to 45%, well within the poll’s margin of error.  Stockton University Poll

Joe Biden maintained a sizable lead over President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, one of this fall’s major battleground states, in three polls released Wednesday.

Biden led Trump by 8 points among likely voters, 51% to 43%, in a Quinnipiac University Poll; by 10 points, 53% to 43% in a CNN poll; and by 7 points, 49% to 42%, in a USA Today/Suffolk University survey.

In Iowa, Joe Biden has taken a small likely voter lead in the presidential race in Iowa, after President Donald Trump had the edge in prior polls. At the same time, the U.S. Senate contest has held fairly steady with a small likely voter edge for the Democrat according to the Monmouth University Poll.

Trump is supported by 48% of registered voters in Iowa and Biden is supported by 47%. Just 2% say they will vote for another candidate and 2% are still undecided. Trump led Biden among registered voters in prior Monmouth polls—by 50% to 44% in September and by 48% to 45% in August.

Biden pulls ahead, though, when different likely voter models are applied. A model based on a relatively high level of turnout puts the race at 50% Biden and 47% Trump, while a model reflecting lower turnout produces an even wider 51% to 46% result. Trump led by 3 points among likely voters in Monmouth’s poll last month.

Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield and Republican incumbent Joni Ernst remain locked in a tight U.S. Senate battle that has not really shifted in the past month. Among registered voters, the race stands at 47% Greenfield and 47% Ernst, with 2% supporting another candidate and 2% undecided. The Democrat has a nominal 49% to 47% lead among likely voters in Monmouth’s high turnout model, which is similar to her 49% to 46% lead in the last month. Greenfield has a larger lead in a low turnout scenario (51%, to 45% for Ernst) if low-propensity Republican voters waiting until Election Day do not show up. Monmouth University Poll 

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 10 points in a national head-to-head match-up, according to a new Cheddar/SurveyUSA poll. Among likely voters, 53% say Biden is their top choice compared to 43% for Trump, unchanged from Cheddar/SurveyUSA’s poll three weeks earlier. News12 New Jersey


Rep. Josh Gottheimer was endorsed for reelection by the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association (STFA), which represents more than 1,700 New Jersey State Troopers. At the event, Gottheimer was joined by STFA President Wayne Blanchard and STFA Second Vice-President Bill Legg, who touted Gottheimer’s bipartisan leadership and strong record of support for New Jersey law enforcement and first responders. 

During his tenure in Congress, Gottheimer has fought tirelessly to increase investment and claw back resources to the state to help protect law enforcement and our communities. He has helped pass legislation for additional training, for the COPS grant program, for the Byrne JAG program, and for resources to fight crime and lone-wolf terror.

“Since I first ran for Congress, I’ve promised to fight to ensure that our brave law enforcement and all our first responders have the resources, training, and support they need to fully protect themselves and our communities. Since being sworn in, I’ve worked every day to fulfill that promise and support those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. But our work is not done. I’m honored to have the support of the state troopers as I work to continue the fight for Jersey law enforcement and Jersey families,” said Congressman Gottheimer. 

“The State Troopers Fraternal Association is proud to support and endorse Congressman Josh Gottheimer for a third term in the House of Representatives. As our nation is at a crossroads facing such issues as the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice reform, now more than ever we need proven, competent, and fair leaders such as Josh Gottheimer,” said Wayne Blanchard, STFA President. “The leadership and the 1,700 men and women of the State Troopers Fraternal Association recognize Josh’s superior record in Washington advocating for first responders by acquiring grants for COPS and Byrne Grant endeavors, along with acquiring funding for bulletproof vests. In addition, securing necessary PPE and priority testing for first responders during the pandemic. Most important has been Josh’s unwavering support of law enforcement as a supporter of the Thin Blue Line Act and a cosponsor of the Public Safety Officer Pandemic Response Act of 2020. We look forward to achieving progress in our great nation with the support of Congressman Gottheimer.”

In new TV Ad, GOP challenger Rosemary Becchi reminds voters that Rep. Mikie Sherrill is proud of Rep. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s radical, violent policies.

In last week’s debate, Rep. Mikie Sherrill declared that she was “incredibly proud of my freshman class”—a freshman class that includes Omar and AOC.

“It should not surprise anyone that Mikie Sherrill embraces the radical policies of Ilhan Omar and AOC,” said Becchi. “Mikie Sherrill campaigns as a moderate, but in Washington she votes very differently. Mikie Sherrill votes with Ilhan Omar and AOC 91% of the time and votes Nancy Pelosi’s extreme agenda 99% of the time. That’s not moderate!”

  • Mikie Sherrill and Nancy Pelosi voted to allow criminals to sue police officers for doing their jobs.
  • Mikie Sherrill and Nancy Pelosi want to turn healthcare over to the government.
  • Mikie Sherrill and Nancy Pelosi continue to hold up aid for millions of struggling Americans for political gain.

Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Rik Mehta will meet for their only debate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey on Oct. 27 at 5 PM. The debate will air live on and its social media platforms. Two television networks will rebroadcast the debate between Booker and Mehta: my9 in North Jersey at 6 PM on Oct. 31, and Fox29 in South Jersey at 7 AM on Nov. 1. 

JNESO District Council 1, representing more than 5,000 healthcare workers, is proud to announce the endorsement of U.S. Senator Cory Booker and 12 New Jersey Congressional candidates.

The JNESO Board of Directors unanimously voted to endorse these candidates after a thorough review of voting records and public positions on top healthcare issues. The JNESO union represents nurses, medical technicians, medical support personnel, caregivers and others in the healthcare field. 

“These candidates have shown significant support for efforts to protect health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many stand alongside JNESO as we continue the fight for adequate Personal Protective Equipment, proactive health policies and additional protections for our members going forward,” said Doug Placa, Executive Director of JNESO.

Among the North Jersey candidates being supported are: 5th—Josh Gottheimer; 8th—Albio Sires; 9th—Bill Pascrell; 10th—Donald Payne, Jr.; and 11th—Mikie Sherrill.

“These individuals understand the issues that matter most to our membership,” said Placa. “They stand with patients and healthcare workers and deserve our support.”

Gottheimer for Congress released a new ad, entitled “Jersey Values,” that describes Josh Gottheimer’s record of working with both Republicans and Democrats to fight for Jersey Values, including supporting frontline health care workers and first responders, fighting for small businesses, and making health care more affordable for North Jersey families.

“Jersey Values means getting things done, ahead of partisanship, which is why I’ve worked with both Republicans and Democrats to lower our taxes, make healthcare more affordable, to protect Social Security, and to fight for our heroic veterans and first responders. I’m going to keep working with both parties to get things done, for one simple reason — I work for you,” said Congressman Gottheimer.

Congressman Andy Biggs, representing Arizona’s 5th district, has endorsed New Jersey’s 5th District Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta.

“Frank Pallotta has the strength of character to withstand the forces in Washington, D.C. constantly trying to drag Members of Congress away from the people’s interests. Frank Pallotta will work for life, for marriage, and for our Second Amendment rights, all of which are under attack by Nancy Pelosi and her radical followers,” Biggs said. “Most important, Frank Pallotta will stand up for America, its fighting forces, and its flag, which too many in the Democratic Party seem intent on tearing down today.”

“I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse Frank Pallotta for Congress, and encourage all patriotic Americans in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District to support him.”

“Congressman Biggs has been the voice of conservative leadership in the House as well as his time in the Arizona legislature. His steadfast, conservative principles run the gamut from economic and educational to faith and family. I am honored to receive his endorsement and look forward to working with Congressman Biggs to ensure our conservative values are protected and our freedoms, preserved.”

Biggs is serving in his second term as congressman. Prior to that, he served in the Arizona Legislature for 14 years.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer was endorsed for reelection by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM). In Congress, Gottheimer has been a powerful voice for seniors and in defense of Social Security and Medicare. 

“Josh understands the importance of the Social Security and Medicare programs, to people of all ages. He has a 100% voting record with us, and nobody in Congress is better positioned to defend Social Security and Medicare from all attempts to cut or weaken these programs. You deserve a fighter like him,” said Max Richtman, Chairman, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare PAC. 

“It’s humbling to receive the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM).  Since getting elected, I have fought against efforts to gut and privatize Social Security and Medicare, including cosponsoring the Social Security Fairness Act. Americans have spent a lifetime paying into these programs; these are earned over a lifetime of hard work. We must remember to always take care of those who’ve taken care of us,” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer.    

Rosemary Becchi, Republican candidate for New Jersey’s 11th congressional district, criticized Mikie Sherrill for politicizing the pandemic in order to get re-elected.

“After Mikie Sherrill and Nancy Pelosi blocked small businesses from accessing over $130 billion in unspent PPP loans, they refused to work with Republicans to pass much needed stimulus,” said Becchi. “It’s been 210 days since the CARES Act was signed into law. Instead of helping New Jersey Families that are hurting and need more help, Mikie Sherrill and Nancy Pelosi have chosen to play political games to try win elections.  They are more interested in marijuana support, money for illegal immigrants, defunding the police, ballot harvesting, and releasing violent criminals from prison.”  

Becchi continued: “Now with 2 weeks before the election, Mikie Sherrill introduces legislation in response to New Jersey’s horrendous handling of long-term care facilities. Why wasn’t this an issue for her months ago when thousands of our seniors were dying? Where was she when nearly 200 people died at two New Jersey Veteran Nursing homes?”

“Voters should see this for what it is – an election year stunt in an attempt to gain votes. The people of New Jersey deserve someone who works for them, not someone who works to gain the approval of limousine liberals in California, like Nancy Pelosi.” Becchi concluded.

Democrat Anthony Frato, mayor of Branchville, New Jersey, has officially endorsed Frank Pallotta, New Jersey’s 5th District Republican Congressional Candidate.

“Frank Pallotta’s business perspective, and familiarity with the area is what makes him the right candidate to represent New Jersey’s 5th District. He has lived here for 30 years, and I know that he understands and cares about the needs of our district,” Frato said.

“I am proud to endorse Frank Pallotta to represent our district. It is definitely time for a change in the 5th District, and I firmly believe Frank will bring the change we need. Frank will be a Congressman for all, and will truly stand for ‘Jersey Values’, unlike the incumbent, Josh Gottheimer, who has repeatedly failed to provide for we the people, as he kisses up to Nancy Pelosi while posing as a ‘moderate’.”

Mayor Frato feels Congressman Gottheimer has not provided adequate representation to the entire 5th district. “Gottheimer always shows up after the fact for a photo op to take credit for other people’s work… He should have never been elected to public office and I call on every registered voter, regardless of Party, to vote Josh Gottheimer out  and support Frank Pallotta for Congress.”

“I am honored to be endorsed by Mayor Frato, and I look forward to working with him and representing him, as well as the countless number of Democrats that I know are sick of Josh Gottheimer’s lies and smear tactics ,” Pallotta said. “Mayor Frato is truly a moderate who is willing to work across party lines to achieve the common goal of bettering the 5th District.

While serving as mayor for almost a decade, Frato is also a member of Branchville’s Planning and Zoning Board. In addition, he has been a Branchville fireman for 40 years and a member of the New Jersey Firemen’s Home Board of Managers. 


The Sussex County Democratic Committee is supporting the ballot question regarding the legalization of marijuana in the State of New Jersey.

The prohibition of marijuana in the State of New Jersey is responsible for approximately 32,000 arrests a year and disproportionately impacts minority communities. Those arrests cost money —$143 million to be exact—and are funded by taxpayer dollars. If the Legalization of Marijuana amendment wins favor with voters this November and moves forward, it is slated to be a massive economic boom for the State of New Jersey.  An incredible $300+ million in expected tax revenue could potentially be brought to our state if the prohibition of marijuana were ended and the recreational but responsibly regulated sale of the substance was legalized. This new market would ultimately bring tens of thousands of jobs to New Jersey, providing new employment opportunities and a substantial form of economic relief to New Jerseyans who have fallen on hard times.

The sensible legalization of marijuana presents the State of New Jersey with both opportunities and benefits that Sussex County must seize upon. Sussex County’s expansive farmland could be directly utilized to our advantage upon the legalization of marijuana. Dedicating unused local land to the growth and cultivation of cannabis crops could unleash a cascade of effects that helps us build real financial momentum here in Sussex County. 

There remains, however, another hurdle on the local level that we must clear in Sussex County. Town councils around the county have already begun plans to block the sale and/or purchase of marijuana in their municipalities, effectively hindering the ability for the potential benefits of a legal cannabis industry to reach their residents. 

The Sussex County Democratic Committee hopes that the Freeholder board and the town councils in question will make decisions based upon facts and data, not emotion rooted in antiquated stereotypes. We implore the Freeholder board to act in the best interests of residents regarding this potential windfall of resources and revenue by not standing in the way of this ballot question — and allowing the people of Sussex County to make their own decisions without forcing them to endure any more political grandstanding. 

Emphasizing transparency in the local elections, Democratic candidates for West Caldwell  Township Council Jessica Almeida and Christy Lazarow pledge to introduce and lobby for the township’s municipal council to adopt a local “Pay-to-Play” ordinance to reform campaign finance in the community and reduce the influence of money in local politics.

The Almeida-Lazarow Plan would ban donors who contribute more than $300 to a local candidate, campaign committee, or political party from receiving contracts from municipal government for three years from the date of the donation. If elected, Almeida and Lazarow will make passing this anti-corruption legislation one of their first priorities as Council members.

“West Caldwell residents deserve to know that their elected officials are making decisions based on the best interests of our community and not based on campaign contributions,” said Jessica Almeida, a working mother and practicing attorney. “For years, local township vendors have showered local campaigns with thousands of dollars in contributions and have been rewarded with lucrative municipal contracts. It’s not the way West Caldwell should do business and Christy and I want to take action to change it.”

Almeida and Lazarow’s opponents, Republican Council members Kathy Canale and Michael Docteroff, have consistently engaged in the type of “pay-to-play” politics that the reform plan would ban. Canale and Docteroff’s campaign is almost exclusively funded with thousands of dollars in contributions from vendors to West Caldwell’s local government.  

This comes after the revelation that longtime township vendor and Republican donor Matt O’Donnell was involved in a corrupt scheme to evade campaign finance disclosure laws using his friends, family, and employees to donate money to West Caldwell Township candidates and in return, being awarded employment as a West Caldwell Township Attorney.  These same “friends” have recently been arrested for their involvement in this corrupt scheme.

“Jessica and I are running for Township Council to bolster trust in local politics that is violated by contracts based on pay-to-play politics,” said Christy Lazarow, a mother, teacher, and community advocate. “Reducing the influence of money in our politics is something that all residents can support regardless of their party affiliation, and we’re looking forward to enacting this reform in West Caldwell.”

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