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New Jersey Home-Based Businesses Could Receive Boost Under Assembly Bill

Bipartisan legislation in the Assembly could help the more than 7,000 home-based businesses that are started in the Garden State.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblymembers Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37), Vince Mazzeo (D-2), and Jay Webber (R-26), would classify a home-based business as an accessory use.

The effect of the bill would mean homeowners would no longer need to seek a variance for their residence. The bill would have some requirements, including a limit on the volume of guests and ensuring the business does not look like a traditional business in a neighborhood.

Lower Operating Expenses

The Democratic sponsors of the proposed law noted it would provide flexibilities to entrepreneurs. The bill, passed the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee, would give entrepreneurs a flexible work schedule while allowing to save on initial operating expenses.

The pair noted the pandemic had already redefined remote work, with many turning to this new work style. Additionally, it could provide out-of-work entrepreneurs with an avenue to generating a business.

“This bill will ease the bureaucratic hurdles aspiring business owners need to jump over when launching their home-based business. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they will be critical to State’s recovery from this public health crisis,” stated Vainieri Huttle and Mazzeo is a press statement.

Webber Notes Increased Ease, Lessened Bureaucracy

Assemblyman Webber agreed the pandemic was redefining work in the Garden State, even saying he could think of a better time to start a home businesses.

Under the bill, local code officials would be limited in their authority to shut down otherwise non-intrusive home-based businesses. Additionally, it would prevent those businesses from becoming intrusive in the future.

“Every home-based entrepreneur has the ability to change the world, whether she or he supplements a family income or launches the next big thing that employs thousands,” said Webber. “Being smart about encouraging home-based entrepreneurship protects neighborhoods and can change lives forever.  For obvious reasons, at no time has this bill been more important than in 2020.”

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