OPINION: Without Evidence, Time for President Trump to Allow Transition Process to Begin

Voting irregularities are all the rage when it comes to Republicans who lost their election this year. But the contesting of two losses show a difference between allegations and evidence.

While not going to change the outcome, Rosemary Becchi recently provided a 31-page report with—including videos and pictures—of procedural concerns they believe were violated by the Essex County Board of Elections officials in her unsuccessful bid to replace Rep. Mikie Sherrill.

Becchi says evidence she has provided backs up her allegations that deserves the time to be investigated. But we admit we are wary the report is more tied to her political future than in looking to address inequities in our democracy.

The move is straight from the playbook of the leader of the Republican party, President Donald Trump, to cast doubt on the legitimacy of any election. All the President and his supporters have offered are allegations tied to conspiracy theories in their failure to begin the transition process to President-elect Joe Biden.

The President has sent out his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and assorted surrogates across the U.S. in failed attempt after attempt in court to find an avenue to overturn results in selected states he lost. 

The search culminated with a rambling presentation of a sprawling and unsupported allegation of a conspiracy to steal the Presidential election between Democratic officials and foreign governments. Giuliani and others representing the President aired accusations of foreign interference in the election, claiming it had been rigged by communist money from Cuba and China and through a plot concocted by Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan leader who died in 2013, and financier George Soros. 

Read that last paragraph again. That’s……something.

The above described by a desperate President and supporters centers around Dominion Voting Systems Inc.’s machines, alleging votes were switched in multiple swing states, including Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin case points to the lack of seriousness President Trump is exhibiting on the issue. He has asked for a recount in only selected counties, specifically Dane and Milwaukee. The problem is that those two counties use machines by Elections Systems & Software. 

We note the Dominion voting machines are used in 28 states in the U.S. If the President was truly concerned about the issue, he should be calling for investigations into those states as well, not just the swing states he lost. 

Or as the (sarcasm alert) liberal editorial board of The Wall Street Journal recently noted, if there were problems with Dominion Voting Systems vote-counting machines, Georgia’s hand recount would have found them. They did not in its by-hand recount that ended Nov. 19.

Let’s do some fact checking here. 

Approximately 30 lawsuits have alleged violations of law during voting and counting in six swing states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Only one court has found in favor of President Trump.

President-elect Biden won the election by nearly 6 million votes according to the AP in the overall vote and holds a 306-232 electoral college advantage, something Trump called a “landslide” in 2016 when the numbers were reversed for him.

So what is the goal for President Trump and those of his ilk? Simple: to delegitimize the election, possibly to run again in 2024. A Monmouth University polled showed it is working as 77% of Trump backers believe Biden’s win was due to fraud. 

Any candidate has the right to contest the election, even if the allegations have been rejected by judges time and time again. But for the sake of the country he claims to love more than himself, the time has come for President Trump to allow the transition of power process to begin to President-elect Biden. 


  1. Trump is a whiny little bytch, and his supporters are galactically stupid sub-human scum lower in the scheme of life than cockroach shyt. Such people should not only have their kids taken, they shouldn’t raise or breed kids, or even vote. Ever. They should do only menial jobs 14x7x365, their wills should be nullified, their money sent to the state or victims of their crimes, they should donate blood and tissue regularly, plus all organs upon death, and until then they should also be guinea pigs for drug and medical experiments, bypassing 10 years of animal testing!

    1. Actually, Trump himself is a very bad example for children. Name-calling, bullying, lying, contempt and abuse of women and all people of color. When we have a POTUS deserving of that honor, (s)he will be respected.

  2. Sadly, this is (the same) old news: Trump lies, people die. New news would be: “Yeah, I lost and I hate you for not loving The Great Me. But I’ve done enough damage and had enough revenge; let’s see the old guy fix this. I’ll watch from Bedminster.” (Or better, prison.) But I’m afraid that this bull hasn’t finished with the china shop yet, and I hold everyone who ever voted for him accountable for the vast majority of the mire our country is now wallowing in.

  3. Alleging voter fraud is exactly the right thing to do if there are signs of voter fraud, and the Trump lawyers have lots of affidavits by witnesses.

  4. You started with Becchi’s claim, noted that she has some evidence and then went on to Trump’s stupidity without drawing any conclusions about Becchi. This is supposed to be North Jersey News, not national news recycled. Stay focused and give us the local news.

    1. Last I checked, the behavior of the Commander in Chief holds some sway over all the states. What happens in DC affects all of us, and bears heavily on the US Constitution.

  5. The only widespread FRAUD here is the one who has been a fraud, a con man, a clown, a failed businessman and so many other despicable qualities his entire life…..let him tell his stories to the warden in the future.

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