Assemblymen Tully, DePhillips Global War on Terrorism Medal Bill Signed into Law

Gov. Phil Murphy signed bipartisan legislation creating a Global War on Terrorism Medal to recognize New Jersey’s service members who contributed to America’s War on Terror.

The law will create the state medal which can be awarded by the Governor to veteran or active-duty service members who served for at least 30 consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days in one of eight military operations related to the war.

Eligible recipients would include members of the National Guard and those who were killed or are missing in action, a resident of the state, was a resident when they entered into service or was a resident for at least 20 years.

Recognizing New Jersey’s Contributions

The bill was sponsored by Assemblymen Christopher Tully (D-38), Roy Freiman (D-16), and Christopher DePhillips (R-40).

The medal was a way of recognizing the contributions of New Jersey’s service men and women who were deployed to combat terror across the globe, according to Tully and Freiman.

“The creation of this medal will ensure our state’s ability to recognize New Jersey residents’ contributions to the ongoing War on Terror, including the contributions of those who did not previously receive the corresponding federal medal for their involvement in this war,” said Tully in a press statement. “Their dedicated service to this country—including the protection of bridges, tunnels and power plants—should be recognized. This medal is how we can honor their courageous support of our military operations over the past 19 years.”

Honoring the Wounded and Fallen

DePhillips was quick to honor the legacy of the 6,000 Americans who had been killed in the War on Terror and the 52,000 that had been wounded.

“The men and women of the military who stepped up after 9/11 have fought, and continue to fight, to destroy evil and demonstrate to the world why America is the strongest nation on earth,” said DePhillips.

The legislation passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously.

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  1. I am sitting here at my computer and I am thinking of how irresponsible some of our elected officials are. Why in the world, knowing the limited supply of vaccines would our governor put a bunch of categories together and then declare these are now eligible to receive their vaccines.??? How miserable to watch elderly people who are freezing and waiting in line despite the fact that they will get ill waiting in line, think that it will save their life. I have talked to some younger people who are not in the categories posted so far and they have received vaccines. No proof required. they claim that they were told by a friend who is a nurse that they could get the vaccines. I have also been trying to keep up with the calls that must be made and that is so rotten. I will try to call the number that gov murphy said would be available on monday, with live customer service people. Oh, by the way, did anyone notice how the teachers are complaining about categories of people to receive vaccines. half of them decided not to teach in classrooms. Again, I see that these teachers are the same people who are responsible for their union to demand more and more money every year.
    I have heard that pediatric mental illness is on the rise. Therefore give social workers and therapists the vaccine so they can check on the children and vulnerable adults who are handicapped and live alone. I pray for all of us who are handicapped, limited on driving all over and living alone. I pray for the people who have lost their businesses and life saving and for the wonderful people helping out and making sure that food is given. I am so disgusted with our representatives. and believe me when I say that I curse alot more lately. I have written to so many and called quite a few representatives. I listened to gov murphy on news 12. I just think that he appears to want to “run” away from giving solid answers. I have heard callers ask about how to get a vaccine and Murphys response after a few calls was “don’t think I have a magic wand’ that I can get you an appointment. Isnt that nice? also, these callers mentioned about people sneaking in and lying about their status because no proof is needed. Oh boy, I cant wait to vote again!!!! I will remember this no matter what happens and by the way, not having the vaccine until april or may doesnt sound so promising. What does Mr. Sweeney think? or republican candidate Jack Chiccarelli?

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