OPINION: Washington Begins to Confront QAnon

New Jersey native and U.S. Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick laid in honor in the Rotunda of the nation’s Capitol this week before his remains were interred at Arlington National Cemetery Feb. 3.

That same night, Republicans met to decide the fate of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) in regards to her congressional committee assignments arising from her racist and QAnon-inspired conspiracy theories.

Greene and Officer Sicknick will forever be linked in history because it is extremist like her that fanned the flames leading to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 where Sicknick died protecting the capitol from right wing domestic terrorists.

Greene’s anti-semitism or belief in conspiracy theories are not alleged, it was documented through her social media platforms that she has attempted to scrub from the internet. Let’s state this clearly: this is not about “cancel culture” or attempting to take away her First Amendment rights. This is about holding her responsible for her long history of promoting:

  • Democratic Party elites being responsible for a satanic child sex trafficking ring; 
  • the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was orchestrated by the government;
  • the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL was a “false flag” attack intended to help introduce gun control; 
  • the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was staged; 
  • the false anti-Semitic conspiracy claim that the fatal 2018 Camp Fire in California was caused by Rothchild Inc. “space solar generators; and 
  • support for executing prominent Democrats.

In their meeting with her fellow Republicans hours after paying respects to Officer Sicknick, Greene walked back her claims enough to allow House GOP members to believe she was a fit candidate to serve on that body’s Educational committee—despite a viral video showing her harassment of Stoneman shooting survivors.

On Feb. 4, the full House moved to remove her from both the House Budget and Education Committees, which passed with 11 Republicans joining the majority, including Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey. The GOP’s claim the move was an overreach ring hollow after Republicans set the precedent in 2019 when Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was stripped of his committee seats for defending and promoting white nationalism by the party. 

As Rep. Mikie Sherrill noted after the vote,“To have a member of the House of Representatives, an institution (critical to) our democracy, advocate violence against the Speaker and other elected members is an act I cannot condone and one that renders her unqualified to serve on a committee. And make no mistake, her tepid statement on the floor of the House was in no way an acknowledgment of guilt nor an apology.”

This is not a new issue for Our mission statement strongly criticized  political extremists. And in September 2020, we called for politicians to confront and denounce in the strongest possible terms the rising influence of QAnon and political movements comfortable with extremist rhetoric. 

We agree with U.S. Sen. Kevin Carmer (R-SD) who recently wrote that “Rep. Greene’s remarks are not conservative, denouncing them is not censorship, and allowing them to stand without consequence is unacceptable.”

The removal of Green from her committee is a needed first step by our leaders in Washington to confront the extremists’ views of domestic terrorists. But this is a campaign that must be confronted by majorities of both parties to hold those in their caucus espousing these abhorrent views accountable.  


  1. Washington is WRONG–*WRONG*!! ” Once Again !!” It’s the people who voted this person into office & it’s the people whom should have the last say & NOT them in Congress who may be harboring their own agendas or their lobbyists’ desires!! The People’s put y’all in Gov’t & it’s the people’s whom should put Y’all 0ut of Gov’t.. I think this is what is done in a DEMOCRACY; But so far I’ve seen a hole lot of Oligarchy’s in this here so called Democracy, of the people, by the people but not for the people..//

  2. The real Nazi Collaborator’s be the Biden’s interest’s in their Ukrainian Connection’s!! I wonder how many people Know that the MAJORITY of the Guards in those Holocaust Camp’s & Concentration Camp’s were bonafide Ukrainian’s, aka Cossack’s, in German attire.!! They did things & committed atrocities that made German Guards PUKE.!!.

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