Attorney General Gurbir Grewal Reaches First-in-Nation Settlement Banning Ghost Gun Company

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal recently announced a first-in-the-nation settlement with a “ghost gun” company that bars untraceable weapons being sold into the Garden State.

New Jersey had sued James Tromblee, d.b.a. U.S. Patriot Armory, for selling ghost guns, which are partially assembled firearms sold with needed parts to create an operational gun, into the state.

The weapons are oftentimes sold with instructions on how to construct them, and because they are not operational when sold, do not require background checks.

Terms of the Deal

U.S. Patriot Army agreed to pay $70,000 to resolve the lawsuit, among other relief. Additionally, the company would stop advertising and shipping ghost guns into New Jersey.

“Protecting New Jerseyans is one of my primary responsibilities as chief law enforcement officer, and to do that, we must keep untraceable firearms off our streets,” said Attorney General Grewal.

Grewal went onto note the legal battle was backing up the notice given to the ghost gun industry a year ago, saying “companies that refuse to comply with our laws voluntarily will be held accountable in court.”

Legislation was first signed in November 2018 by Gov. Phil Murphy to make illegal the ability to purchase parts to manufacture weapons, or information to create 3D-printed firearms.

Shortly after, Grewal sent cease-and-desist letters to many ghost gun companies, with many agreeing to the terms.

Preventing LCM Shipments

Grewal previously resolved two cases related to the U.S. Patriot Army case in September 2020 and January 2021.

In 2020, the state sued a Nevada-based firearms dealer, winning $50,000 and similar terms restricting advertising and shipping to the state regarding large capacity magazines (LCMs).

A Florida company agreed in 2021 to do the same, and paid a $135,000 civil penalty after it sold LCMs.


  1. This is the very reason that national gun laws are needed. Our states are not isolated and independent of each other. Studies in NJ show that most guns involved in crimes come from out of state.

  2. AG Grewal claims to care about protecting the citizens of NJ but he and others like him are directly responsible for the violent crime in NJ by refusing to respect the Bill of Rights and deny lawful citizens the means to protect themselves. Despite having one of the highest ratio of law enforcement to civilians in the nation we have one of the highest incidents of armed assaults, car jackings and home invasions in the nation.

    Unfortunately, many New Jersey citizens live in the cities, are ignorant of science and technology believing the barrage of rhetoric from equally ignorant NJ politicians.

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