Stockton Poll Finds Partisan Divide Evident on President Biden Policies, High Marks for Gov. Murphy

It would appear the only thing New Jersey Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that they want more stimulus aid than was provided in the American Rescue Plan Act.

That’s according to the Stockton University Poll, which found the two sides have very little else in common.

Half the voters of both parties and independents thought the amount of relief provided was not enough, with just 29% saying the $1,400 was enough and $12% believed too much was provided.

However, this agreement did not extend entirely to where such aid should be directed, with Republicans looking to redirect some foreign aid to Americans while Democrats wanted extended unemployment benefits.

2020 Election Strife Continues

The poll of 647 New Jersey voters found the polarization that was characteristic of the 2020 election extended into the new administration.

Overall, President Joe Biden garnered a 53% approval rate, with 38% disapproving and 9% unsure. Another 53% reported they believed the country was moving in the right direction, with 39% saying the opposite.

The relief bill overall garnered generous support among Democrats (93%) while only 25% of Republicans supported it.

“The polarization we saw on presidential candidates in the 2020 election extends not only into the new presidency but to the major issues of the day,” said John Froonjian, executive director of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton University, which the poll was conducted for.

Murphy Boasts 58% Approval Rating

Gov. Phil Murphy boasted a 58% approval rating among New Jersey residents, compared to 36% disapproving.

This figure was the highest rating the governor had received during three years of polling for the questions, according to Alyssa Maurice, Hughes Center research associate.

However, only 49% of respondents believed the state was going in the right decision. Racial and ethnic minorities, women, Democrats, and lower income residents were more bullish on the states direction.

Meanwhile, wealthier residents, Whites, and Republicans were more likely to say the state was headed in the wrong direction.

Vaccine Distribution

The number of COVID-19 vaccines administered in New Jersey totaled 4,474,993 as of April 2. Of those who have received the vaccine, 2,879,421 residents have received their first dose with 1,690,613 receiving their second dose or the one jab Johnson & Johnson dose; 51% have been administered the Pfizer vaccine, 47% the Moderna vaccine and 2% the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Demographically, 56% of those vaccinated are women and 44% men. As for ethnicity, 58% are White, 11% other, 10% unknown, 8% Asian, 8% Hispanic and 5% Black. In regards to age of those having received the vaccine, 39% are 65 years old or olders, 28% are between the ages of 50-64, 24% are between the ages of 40-49, and 8% are between the ages of 18-29.  

In North Jersey, Bergen County has delivered 505,841 doses, Essex 339,774 doses, Morris 323,783 doses, Hudson 236,905 doses, Passaic 200,209 doses, Sussex 71,387 doses, and Warren 45,233 doses. 

Daily Data

As of April 2, the cumulative number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New Jersey was 807,970 with 3,972 total new PCR cases reported. There were 934 probable cases, bringing the cumulative total of antigen tests to 110,981. The total number of individual cases for the state is 918,951. Gov. Murphy previously noted there is some unknown overlap due to health officials urging those taking a rapid test to get a PCR test.

As for those that have passed, the state reported 26 new deaths, bringing that total to 22,047. The state listed probable deaths at 2,568 reported March 31 in its weekly update, bringing the overall total to 24,615. State officials noted 23 deaths occurred in the last 24 hours of reporting that have not yet been lab confirmed.  

For North Jersey counties on April 2, Bergen had a total of 450 new confirmed cases and 131 probable cases, Essex 405 new cases and 77 probable cases, Hudson 369 new cases and 74 probable cases, Morris 224 new cases and 67 probable cases, Passaic 258 new cases and 60 probable cases, Sussex 107 new cases and 11 probable cases, and Warren 47 cases and three new probable cases.

There are a total of 758 coronavirus variants being reported in the Garden State. State officials documented 627 cases of the U.K. variant, eight cases of the California variants, nine cases of the Brazilian P1 and P2 variants, and two cases of the South African variant. Additionally, there are 112 cases of the New York variant, considered “of interest” by the CDC.

Of the total confirmed deaths in North Jersey, Essex County has the most with 2,509, followed by Bergen at 2,450, Hudson with 1,928, Passaic at 1,603, Morris at 936, Sussex at 218 and Warren County at 203.

In regards to probable deaths, Bergen has 295, Essex has 290, Morris has 243, Hudson has 201, Passaic has 194, Sussex has 66 and Warren has 25.

State Testing 

As for the rate of transmission, it remained unchanged from the day before at 1.08. The daily rate of infections from those tested as of March 28, was 13.9%; by region, the rate was 14.3% in the North, 14.5% in the Central region and 11.5% in the South. 

Officials reported 2,295 patients were hospitalized; by region, there were 1,163 in the North, 737 in the Central and 395 in the South. Of those hospitalized, 424 are in intensive care units and 230 on ventilators. A total of 318 patients were discharged, while 321 were admitted.

Officials have continually cited transmission rate, hospitalizations, intensive care units, ventilators and positivity rate as health data they rely on to track how the coronavirus is being contained in New Jersey, guiding them in determining when restrictions have to be tightened or lifted.

Bergen Tops County Count

Bergen has the most confirmed cumulative cases in the state with 81,054, followed by Essex at 78,060, Middlesex at 77,786, Hudson at 72,757, Monmouth at 61,523, Ocean at 60,266, Passaic at 58,869, Union at 55,253, Camden at 43,620, Morris at 38,406, Burlington at 34,718, Mercer at 29,080, Gloucester at 23,625, Atlantic at 22,474, Somerset at 21,917, Cumberland at 13,230, Sussex at 10,013, Hunterdon at 7,737, Warren at 7,709, Salem at 4,773, and Cape May at 4,167.  

In regards to probable cases, Bergen had the most at 11,493, followed by Union at 9,599, Ocean at 8,852, Essex at 8,068, Hudson at 7,857, Monmouth at 7,177, Morris at 7,011, Middlesex at 6,390, Passaic at 6,263, Atlantic at 6,001, Camden at 5,603, Burlington at 5,598, Somerset at 5,111, Cape May at 4,156, Gloucester at 3,530, Cumberland at 2,181, Mercer at 2,040, Sussex at 1,788, Warren at 853, Hunterdon at 755 and Salem 495.

Another 923 cases are still under investigation to determine where the person resides.

In regards to cases related to in-school transmissions, a total of 205 outbreaks involving 947 cases have been reported, with 16 new outbreaks accounting for 55 cases in the weekly update on March 31. 

For North Jersey, Bergen County has 47 confirmed outbreaks with 185 cases, Passaic County has 12 confirmed outbreaks with 42 cases, Warren has 12 confirmed outbreaks with 30 cases, Sussex has nine confirmed outbreaks with 31 cases, Morris County has five confirmed outbreaks with 34 cases, Hudson County has four confirmed outbreaks with 21 cases, and Essex County with one confirmed outbreak with 92 cases.

Long-term Care Facilities

Health officials noted 225 long-term care facilities are currently reporting at least one case of COVID-19, accounting for a total of 8,042 of the cases, broken down between 3,676 residents and 4,366 staff. 

Cumulatively, 1,327 long-term care facilities reported a case infecting 32,515 residents and 21,542 staff, for a total of 54,057 cases. 

The state’s official death total will now be reported as those that are lab confirmed, sits at 7,989 on April 1. The facilities are reporting to the state 7,849 residents deaths and 143 staff deaths.


  1. Murphy bought the office and has done a deadly terrible job: no PPE, no testing, no vaccination web site that works, poor ventilation in schools, too many hacks – incompetent hacks serving him; MVC – hows that going? ; opening up while Covid rates are going up all over the state; making landlords support nonpaying tenants because Goldman Phil won’t open eviction courts; his rental assistance program is run by Nan Murphy (corrupt hack ?) and is a lottery; this clown doesn’t even know that 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are not regulated by the state; what does he do all day? He bends over for Boss Norcross and his lackeys ; I could go on: the roads suck; the infrastructure is crumbling, the superfund sites are here yet; the water and air are unsafe; the trains suck: Goldman Phil please go back to the villa in Italy or the Bahamas and bring Tammy and Junior with you.

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