OPINION: Fighting the Acceptance of Gun Violence

We as a society have accepted mass gun violence. 

It’s a hard truth but how else to explain the continued inaction to pass gun laws that puts going to school, a nightclub, a concert, a grocery store or getting your nails done placing you in danger.

Yet we do nothing.

The U.S. stopped the Johnson & Johnson vaccine from being administered because six people of the 6.8 million that received the vaccine developed serious blood clots. But the thought of placing further restrictions on guns after nine people were shot dead at a FedEx building in Indianapolis recently is considered an overreaction.

So we do nothing.

Gov. Phil Murphy this month offered a package focused on “gun safety” measures including requiring firearm safety training, mandating safe storage of firearms, raising the minimum age to purchase long guns to 21 and establishing electronic ammunition sales recordkeeping. These common sense reforms were predictably attacked as being an overreach that impedes on the Constitutional rights by 2nd Amendment advocates.

So they fight to do nothing. 

There are statistics that show gun control saves lives. According to U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), gun massacres dropped by 37% during the 10 years that the federal assault ban was in effect. After lapsing in 2004, mass shootings increased by 183%, with deaths rising 239% from gun violence. This year alone, the U.S. has reported 126 mass shootings in 33 different states resulting in 142 of our fellow citizens being laid to rest as well as 485 friends and neighbors having to live with the afteracts of being wounded both physically and mentally. 

But there are still those believing the way to solve the problem is just by arresting more people, with the familiar refrain that “people kill people.”  

So nothing gets done.

President Joe Biden’s recently announced executive actions to curb gun violence including the U.S. Department of Justice will propose rules targeting “ghost guns” and his administration will write legislation to help states and Congress pass measures aimed at keeping guns out of hands of people who pose “red flags.” Additionally, he nominated David Chapman to serve as director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to “work to advance common-sense gun safety laws.”

But North Jersey lawmakers such as State Sen. Steve Oroho, Assemblymen Parker Space and Harold Wirths disparaged the nominee because of his work with the gun control organization run by the former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot while meeting voters in her Arizona district in 2011.

We have a gun fetish problem in America. The truth is those believing the right to own a rifle whose use was intended for the battle field is more guaranteed by the Constitution that efforts to regulate it are blocking actions to save lives. Even the most common sense efforts to make the country we live in safer become a litmus test for an overwhelmingly majority of Republican politicians who reflectively say “no,” helping to fan the flames in the conspiracy theory a government led by Democrats are coming for all of their guns. 

The time to do nothing has ended. Support your state and federal officials who are fighting to save lives and affected by the damage gun violence does. Become involved with groups such as Moms Demand Action or Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Make this a voting issue that is as equally important as healthcare, infrastructure and taxes. 

The time for you to do something starts now.


  1. Three out of four Americans support rational approaches to gun safety and sanity. But the Republican US Senate has obstructed sensible gun regulation since 1994. In the wake of Indianapolis, one word describes America’s predicament. We are living with a pandemic of gun violence.

    Seven Senators are uniquely positioned to change the course of American history, and to save countless lives. They are Susan Collins, Joe Manchin, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse , Kyrsten Sinema and Pat Toomey. These seven must set politics aside and become modern profiles in courage. We must urge them to support measures to protect the basic human right guaranteed in our founding documents, to wit, the inalienable right to life. We must urge them to support universal background checks, closing loopholes which exist for individual and private gun sales.

    This will not prevent the pandemic of shootings which occur with existing guns, but it will limit the ability of madmen to act on impulse in a fit of anger. Boulder, Atlanta, Orange County, and Indianapolis could have been prevented, if more effective background checks and cooling off periods were in place.

    My right to bear weapons under the Second Amendment includes the words “well regulated”. Our founders’ intent in 1789 was clear. The militias were not to be comprised of crazy people or criminals. They were to be made up of law-abiding citizens like me. The US Senate must act now. Every life that is saved will be precious. Every minute of delay will only lead to more gun violence deaths.

  2. Modern combat weapons are meant to kill people. They are not meant for sport. I can only surmise that if someone has one, they mean to commit bodily harm someday.

    Yes, that is oversimplified, but not that far from a universal truth.

  3. If you do not use your gun with a beagle hound, you do not need a gun. Me and my dog think so. I am 85 years old and have been hunting since I was 14 years old. My way is the only way you should own a gun. I do hunt deer with my
    muzzle loader and my dog is not happy about that, but he will have to get use to it. No combat weapons should have a place in our lives. That is my opinion.

  4. I believe in the universal background checks including mental health. If you pass that, then you can get a gun and ammo but you don’t need a ton on it. You don’t need weapons of war in your home. If you can’t hit a target with a normal weapon; you sure don’t need anything else. It has nothing to do with taking away rights, it is protecting everyone else’s rights to live. the NRA also has to be stopped. They give the largest donatins to DC. Everyone is afraid of them and now they are almost bankcrupt. there are legal cases against them.

  5. Well; Why not have these MADD-Mother’s start with the Police Gunn Violence’s 1st, then maybe they’ll get somewhere.. This 0rganisation has done more to Promote Gun Violence , since it shows & gives their members a Thumb’s-Up, an 0 K 0n Killings, even when the people are Un-Armed; it’s still 0 K..//

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