OPINION: Next 100 Days in Washington Are Critical to New Jersey

On his 99th day in office, President Joe Biden laid out his agenda to a Joint Session to Congress for the next 99 days and beyond that will shape the direction of New Jersey for the next century.

Make no doubt about it: the blueprint that America’s 46th President provided is expensive and far reaching. It aims to take on neglected areas such as infrastructure and climate change, calls for changes in policing and gun control. More importantly, it provides a roadmap to expand the economy and the jobs that go along with them.   

The Biden Administration plans to pay for all of this by making sure corporations and individuals pay their fair share of taxes.

But the devil is in the details and that’s why it’s crucial that North Jersey politicians’ voices are heard and power used. 

New Jersey has been a piggy bank for moocher states for too long, getting taken advantage by  other states keeping their taxes lower than the Garden State. They are able to lure corporations and residents to leave for these because of their lower tax rate which is financed by us. 

It is time that the Garden State be placed at the head of the line for federal projects, especially those in the American Jobs Act. This means investments in infrastructure for mass transit—most notably Gateway as well as our crumbling roads and bridges—broadband investment, and replacing lead water pipes from the Eisenhower administration. 

As equally important, relief for the tax burden on all Garden State residents must be achieved. Foremost, federal dollars must flow back to New Jersey for needed infrastructure while at the same time the elimination of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction cap to undo a wrong from Congressional Republicans.

Getting tax relief is why the bipartisan SALT Caucus will play such a pivotal role over the next three months. With 20 members, including co-chair Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Vice Chair Rep. Mikie Sherrill, it has the ability to scuttle any tax bill that does not ensure the SALT cap installed in 2017 to penalize Blue States that did not support President Donald Trump is eliminated. 

With a slim House majority, the Caucus has the ability to shape President Biden’s agenda moving forward. North Jersey lawmakers must utilize their power to extract the tax relief and benefits for New Jersey that is so badly needed. 

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