State Sen. Steve Oroho: Murphy Needs to Stop Rolling Over in Interstate Tax Fight

State Sen. Steve Oroho (R-24) has a message for Gov. Phil Murphy: Stand up for New Jersey taxpayers.

Oroho claims the state and New Jersey taxpayers were losing billions of dollars through the Governor’s inaction as New York tax officials continue to tax New Jersey residents who have been working from home in the pandemic.

“It’s shocking to watch as Governor Murphy continues to sit silent while a horde of tax officials in Albany are issuing billions of dollars of tax bills to New Jersey residents for income earned here in the Garden State during the pandemic,” said Oroho, who serves as the Senate Republican Budget Officer.

“The ‘convenience of the employer’ rule that New York is using to stake its claim clearly shouldn’t apply if offices were closed due to the pandemic and workers had no choice but to work from home in New Jersey. If there ever was a time to fight back against New York’s unfair taxation of New Jerseyans, it’s now.”

Remote Workers

Oroho has led the GOP charge in the Garden State calling for New Jersey officials to challenge New York’s taxation of remote workers.

Earlier this month, he joined with Rep. Josh Gottheimer to author a letter to U.S. Treasurer Janet Yellen and IRS Commission Charles Rettig on the subject.

In the letter, the pair argued New York was “attempting to apply their state tax regime upon New Jersey residents who have not worked in their state since the pandemic began.”

Additionally, Oroho worked with State Sen. Paul Sarlo (D-36) to create legislation requiring the State Treasurer to examine the situation.

“Their hard-earned income tax should support their local community, not taken across state lines to be spent by a different state government with no connection or accountability to them, the taxpayer,” they concluded.

Savings for New Jersey Residents

Oroho noted many remote workers could cut their tax bills by more than half if they were paying to New Jersey rather than New York.

He argued income taxes in the state are dedicated constitutionally to supporting property tax relief, and the redirections of tax payments to the Garden State could lend itself to expanding the Homestead Benefit, Senior Freeze, and increasing school aid to lower property tax bills.

“Governor Murphy needs to stop rolling over for New York,” added Oroho. “He hasn’t done nearly enough while his friend, Governor Cuomo, steals more than $1 billion from New Jersey and billions more from our taxpayers who pay higher income tax rates to New York. He needs to do more to defend New Jersey and its residents.”


  1. Republicans–the disloyal opposition. After Trump and the fact that to be a Republican today means to pledge fealty to Trump, anything they say is crap.

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