State Sen. Loretta Weinberg Applauds Progress at Port Authority Bus Terminal

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) applauded the progress made at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan.

The project reached a milestone with the launch of a federal environmental review process. It represented to Weinberg a real step forward on the redevelopment and rehabilitation efforts for the station.

Upon completion, the redeveloped bus terminal is expected to greatly improve the commuting experience of New Jerseyans who work in New York City. Before the pandemic, it was estimated 260,000 passengers passed through the terminal on weekdays.

“The Port Authority Bus Terminal—opened in 1950, and expanded in 1981—has long since become a source of aggravation and great frustration for frenzied New Jersey commuters who know all too well its many shortcomings,” said Weinberg.

Environmental Review Process Underway

Weinberg comments proceeds four public meetings to be held virtually on June 23 and June 24. The Federal Transit Administration published a Notice of Intent to review the environmental impact statement issued alongside the project.

The project would call for replacing the existing terminal on Eighth Avenue with a state-of-the-art facility that could increase bus rider capacity by 40%.

Additionally, a bus storage facility is intended to dramatically reduce the number of buses on city streets.

“A 21st Century bus terminal that provides greater reliability, more space and basic modern conveniences will make life easier for commuters, and their families, and will play a crucial role in the further growth of our regional economy, and indeed serve to bolster the economic vitality of the entire nation,” stated Weinberg.

An Aging, Out of Date Hub

The Port Authority the building had not undergone significant upgrades since 1981 despite a rising number of passengers.

While the coronavirus pandemic changed the dynamics surrounding workers commuting to the city, it was projected that more than a quarter million passengers used the system every week day.

And despite the drop, the Port Authority expects traffic to rebound and increase 30% by 2040 after falling 65% in 2020.

“This is a day so many of us have wished for and worked for over the years,” added Senator Weinberg. “This is a technologically ambitious and creative plan that will reimagine the bus terminal, and drastically improve the daily commuting experience for hundreds of thousands of New Jersey commuters for many years to come.”

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